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Program Philosophy

The program is designed for, but not limited to, a six to twelve month residency. After working through the phase system process, the child may earn graduation phase, the final phase in the five phase program. Graduation from the program is based on meeting well defined treatment objectives, and completion of the Individualized Treatment Plan.

At The Children's Center of Ohio we believe that each young person who has had problems in the past deserves the chance to use their potential and ability to make positive changes in their attitudes and behaviors. To this end, each component of our treatment program is designed to give each young person individualized opportunities to make positive improvements.

Our program is designed to help young people recognize, analyze, and change the attitudes and behaviors that led to placement in our program. The treatment program at The Children's Center of Ohio consists of five parts that make up life experience: work, education, recreation, voluntary religious services, and group and individual counseling.

Community Engagement Plan

The Children's Center of Ohio, LLC is committed to establishing a positive relationship with our community. We understand that there may be times that situations may occur in the community that may require personal communications. At CCO, LLC, we believe that any information provided or any concerns held by people in the community should be addressed through personal communication. To this end, any information or concerns provided by community members shall be addressed by the Executive Director or Designee within 5 business days.

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